Business Lunch with Steve and Johnnie 12/26/14

The Business Lunch starts with a look at the latest technology news from Megan Graham with Blue Sky Innovations. Johnny Jet shares with us some very important travel tips for after the holidays. Social media expert Amy Guth stops by with the top Google searches of the year. Then reporter/producer Alisa Hauser joins Steve and Johnnie to tell us about more about the Illinois’ Happy Hour Law and explains how this could affect many patrons for New Year’s Eve.


The Business Lunch 11/28/14: Amina Elahi, Johnny Jet and Scott Kleinberg

Amina Elahi of Blue Sky Innovation joins Steve and Johnnie to talk about surprising new toys this season. Then, Johnny Jet gives his daily travel tips, and Scott Kleinberg of #SoSocial joins in studio to fill you in on what’s flowing through social media today.