VIDEO: What’s New at Goodwill – Goodbuy Girl

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Judy Pielach is at the brand new Goodwill Store in Bloomingdale, Illinois to find out all the new ways you can save money this year at Goodwill.

VIDEO: Goodbuy Girl – Goodwill’s Workforce Development Center

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Everyone knows about the stores, but who really knows the other great things that Goodwill does for the commmunity? Judy Pielach talks with Dan Depies at the Goodwill Workforce Development Center about how Goodwill is helping people get jobs!

VIDEO: Goodbuy Girl – Holiday Shopping with Wendy Snyder and Goodwill

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The Goodbuy Girl Judy Pielach welcomes Wendy Snyder to the Goodwill in Westchester Illinois to find the perfect party outfit, white elephant present, and of course, the best holiday sweater! Remember to donate to Goodwill!

VIDEO: Goodbuy Girl – Set Your Holiday Table with Goodwill

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The Goodbuy Girl Judy Pielach shows you how to dress up your Holiday table easily without spending too much money.  Click here to find out why Goodwill is amazing!


VIDEO: Getting Great Halloween Deals at Goodwill with the Goodbuy Girl

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The Goodbuy Girl Judy Pielach heads to the Goodwill store in Willowbrook, Illinois to take a look at all the Spook-tacular deals that Goodwill has for Halloween! To find out more about Goodwill and what they do for their community, click here.

Getting Crafty with the Goodbuy Girl and Goodwill

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Judy Pielach, the Goodbuy Girl takes us to her home to show what kind of DIY crafts can be done using all the deals you can grab at your neighborhood Goodwill Stores! Remember to donate to Goodwill to help out your local community.

To find out more about Goodwill and how they help the community, click here.