YouTube on iTV

As a product manager the best day is when people get to start using your new product. Well, today was kind of the second best day – Steve Jobs announced YouTube will be coming to the iTV shortly. I say second best day because it’s a little bit of a pre-announce, something that neither Apple nor Google really engage in often, but as Steve said, “hey, it’s D.”

I’m Lucky?

Here’s the call to action for a new video site which wants to sign up folks for its private beta: We are selecting a few lucky individuals to join our private beta.

“We” are selecting a “few lucky individuals?” Jeez, I know folks want to make their beta sound exclusive and what not, but if you’re marketing a community consumer product what kind of tone is that? How about:

“If you want an early peek at our product just sign-up here. We’re letting in more people each day and can’t wait for you to join us. Thanks for the interest!”

(happily, their confirmation email response is great – it even includes a phone number to call them with feedback. Why does the website sign-up have such a different voice?)

[normal disclaimer that i work at YouTube]

Stop Snitching Culture

The Atlantic magazine recently offered an article on the “stop snitching” culture that has made crime investigations difficult within some African American communities.

Especially interesting were videos of the “stop snitching” DVDs and a response filmed by the police department.

Adjust for Inflation: Movie Grosses

The list of highest grossing US movies since 1937 is misleading – only two of the 10 are pre-1997 and six are since 2002. Are we truly in the midst of a cinema revolution where great films attract national attention. Nope. Once you adjust for inflation, the list changes dramatically to the point where only one film on the list was released post 1982.

Highest Grossing Movies in US since 1937
1. Titanic
2. Star Wars
3. Shrek 2
4. ET
5. Star Wars – The Phantom Menace
6. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
7. Spider-Man
8. Star Wars – Revenge of the Sith
9. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
10. Spider-Man 2

Adjusted for Inflation
1. Gone with the Wind
2. Star Wars
3. Sound of Music
4. ET
5. Ten Commandments
6. Titanic
7. Jaws
8. Doctor Zhivago
9. Exorcist
10. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Dio’s Wikipedia Entry

you know in the vintage days of professional wrestling when the crazy foreign bad guy would be announced as hailing from “parts unknown.” Check out Dio’s perfect wikipedia entry:

Many of the details of Dio’s early life are not known for certain. Some say he earned a degree in pharmacology and was offered but declined a position at the prestigious Juilliard School of Music, but this has not been verified by independent sources.

Damn right! Keep my Dio mysterious!