Rob Curley’s Google visit

Was very lucky to host Rob Curley at Google this past Tuesday where he lunched with a small group of Googlers and then gave a larger talk/Q&A. Rob is currently VP Product for Washington Post.Newsweek Interactive and known within the news community as the “hyper-local hero” for his successful efforts to increase newspaper relevance at the local level.

Rob was great – enthusiastic and candid. Had several good lines including this one about how his industry needs to focus more on the value they create and less on how it’s delivered. Paraphrasing:

Do you think we’re in the business of selling paper? Ask a newspaper reporter about how ‘paper’ is made and no one will be able to tell you. But ask them about how ‘news’ is made and that’s something we know.

I wish there existed a personal stock market so i could invest in those whom i’m sure are going to be superstars. I’d go long on Rob Curley.

NYTimes: Too busy to notice you’re too busy

Nice summary article in the NYTimes today about the busy-rut that we get ourselves into for psychological, physiological and practical reasons. Technology has definitely amped up the flow of information at a pace faster than we’ve understood how to be efficient with it.

“You can feel like a tin can surrounded by a circle of a hundred powerful magnets”

Star in vista

Look trendy con uno degli accessori più cool dell’anno

La moda dell’anno: gli occhiali da vista. Tanto che alcuni li portano anche senza averne bisogno (con lenti neutre, ovviamente). D’altronede, come resistere a tante montature trendy e originali, spesso disegnate dai più famosi stilisti… 

Magic Numbers

Yesterday saw two personally relevant numerical milestones crossed:

1000 playbacks: My first YouTube video to cross the 1000 playback line — some weird superhero stuff i shot at Wonder-con in San Francisco. Ok, so it’s not exactly qualifying for most watched, but considering the majority of my previous uploads were strange test videos of cats, kinda exciting to see hundreds of people watching my content.

5 million: Second Life passed five million registered users. Yes I know only a portion of these are active and an even smaller percentage are directly paying Linden Lab for the service, but when you launched to a number orders of magnitude smaller than this a few years back, it still feels pretty good.